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About Us


D-Tag is an independent social media analytics solution provider, offering cutting-edge, end-to-end tools and services to allow clients to turn social media data into market research insights that drive business value. D-Tag’s core business is the deployment of a customized, high-quality analytics and reporting system optimized for Deep Listening of all online text, particularly social media content. ​

The company was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with decades’ worth of combined experienced in the Analytics and IT industries, having worked for Fortune 500 companies and now positioning D-TAG as a premium Big Data Consulting provider and solutions developer.

In addition to its commercial applications for market research, D-TAG Consulting Inc. also offers dedicated analytic solutions & training to the security, law enforcement and government sectors by leveraging our combined decades’-worth of expertise in the fields of security and in the armed forces via our management and strategic partners.

D-TAG is building the first commercially available, fully-integrated, 360-degree package to furnish security, law enforcement and government agencies with the ability to monitor (both historically and real-time) content across airwaves, online conversations, video, and spatial imagery to be ready to face evolving threats in a globalized world.

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Behind D-TAG’s management structure, we have our “back-office” staff supporting us in  all areas needed to deliver our business services:​

  1. Software developers, programmers, and system administrators
  2. Big Data experts and product development specialists
  3. Social Media and Marketing experts
  4. NLP experts
  5. Testers




D-TAG is always looking for bright, motivated individuals to join our team! If you would like to know more, please send us an e-mail with your CV and a brief description of where you think you could fit into our team.

Contact: social@ditag.eu