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Social Media Analytics Remote Training Centers across Europe
D-Tag Europe Ltd. is an independent social media analytics consultancy & training firm, offering cutting-edge, end-to-end tools, services and trainings to allow clients to turn social media data into insights that drive business value. D-Tag’s core business is the deployment of a customized, highquality analytics and reporting system optimized for social media content as well as any other textbased data. Our European Training Center (ETC) delivers professional, competency development training for data scientists, who wish to develop their skills in data analytics, special emphasis on social media content.
European Development Plan for D-Tag has been developed to foster the achievement of long-term corporate goals of our organization.
Long term goal:
to be the best European Social Media Analytics& Training Center, offering highquality training and consultancy services for our partners. Based on these goals, we have defined 4 pillars and mid-term goals.
Mid-term goals:
(1) Expand the European Training Center services across Europe
(2) Develop new, innovative training courses to place into our portfolio
(3) Develop a Digital Marketing Program to widen our on-line presence and social channels
(4) Participate in EU projects to expand our knowledge, experience and partnership network