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SMA Social Media analytics

Social Media Analytics (SMA) refers to the approach of collecting data from social media sites, forums, blogs, article comment sections, and other channels, where social interaction is, to analyze content for market research purposes. This deep, extractive process goes beyond monitoring the text of a document by also analyzing meta data (how many times was it shared,where was it posted, at what time, by whom, what media or URL-s are associated to the content, among others). The more data that can be extracted, the better is the quality of the story, that can be told from it.
  • Understand how people think and feal locally, regionally and globally
  • Real time and Historical data available
  • Access the true voice of the market via the voice of the online crowd
  • Revolutionize your organization's data culture
  • Access a new field of powerful market research
Using Searching Engine And Social Media Data As The Blueprint To Your Success
Getting an answer to a market research question is as simple as asking the search engines to provide you with what people are searching for and at what volume
Creating a set of conversational and behavioral data unique to people engaging with each other and with specific types of content